Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Short Take: 11:14

What I Tweeted: 11:14-Five seemingly unrelated stories intersect at 11:14 one night. A bit of a puzzle. But fun to fit all the pieces together. 7.5 (out of 10)

What I thought: This is a movie where it's almost impossible to give a spoiler-free synopsis. But even if I could, it wouldn't make much sense. The first character's story starts the action going at the end with a car accident at exactly 11:14 and piece by piece, each subsequent story fills in the blanks until you have a complete picture of that evening's events. Which includes such highlights as a self-inflicted gunshot wound and an accidental dis-"member"-ment. Because of its clever plot, I put it in the hybrid category of "thinking man's, or woman's, popcorn movie." With Hilary Swank, Barbara Hershey and Patrick Swayze.


Released: 2003

Rating: R

Length: 86 minutes

Cast: Ben Foster, Hilary Swank, Rachel Leigh Cook, Patrick Swayze

Director: Greg Marcks

Genre(s): Drama, Teen

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