Tuesday, May 18, 2010

“Michael Jackson’s This Is It“

My Tweet: Michael Jackson’s This Is It-That was it? 5 (out of 10) This behind-the-scenes documentary was an attempt for the leeches in Michael Jackson’s life to cash in shortly after his death. I found the whole affair rather sad. You see a lot of the moves you’ve seen before, hear a lot of the songs you’ve heard before. Jackson looks emaciated. In the few close-ups that there are (especially the ones in the classic movie scenes he’s spliced into), his face is rendered almost featureless and expressionless, like a kabuki mask. There are plenty of videos out there in the archives that show him as a youthful, promising and truly innovative performer. Michael Jackson’s This is it” just made me long for what once was and what should have been.

Michael Jacksons This Is It

Released: 2009

Rating: PG

Length: 112 minutes

Cast: Michael Jackson, Nick Bass, Daniel Celebre, Mekia Cox, Misha Hamilton

Director: Kenny Ortega

Genre(s): Documentary, Music


  1. LOL!

    That was pretty much what I thought. (http://ow.ly/3g4eE) I enjoyed it in a big screen, but I did call it a huge making of. The Spanish translation of the review got comments where they were calling me on it as if I had offended them. And I even gave this a really good grade!

    I think they wanted me to say that it was the best movie of the year or something.